Thursday, October 25, 2007

Gotta get this body moving

I feel fat. I need to move. The one thing about our house I hate is that I cannot walk out the front door and walk around the block. We live on a very short street that is at the top of a very very very steep hill. I would have to walk the length of the street back and forth about 15 times to get even a very little workout. And the hill is just way to steep. I seriously have to take two or three breaks on the very very rare occasion that I do have to walk it. So I have decided my next major purchase after the dining room furniture, will be some exercise equipment. Yes, I will be among the crowds probably right after New Years, looking for a deal on a treadmill or some such beast. The next task, is to figure out where I can put such said beast, where I'll actually use it and not have it become a clothes hanger. Pffft.....

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Finally found my dining room set!

So my husband got his motorcycle, and he has agreed to let me get a dining room set since we are hosting Christmas dinner this year. He actually even went out with me looking at various furniture stores and we finally found a set we like at Macey's. We are waiting until their Thanksgiving sale to go an purchase it, but I really can't wait to get it. Our dining room has been sitting emtpy for soooooo long!

Halloween costumes

So do you have your kids costumes all set to go? We are almost done. We still have to get some type of animal costume thing for my oldest who wants to be a werewolf. My middle daughter will be a purple spider witch, and the youngest stole my plush pteradactyl costume I found at the thrift store to sell on Ebay and decided she must have it as her own costume this year. I'm just praying it's not too cold and dry!

Yearly reviews

Let me tell you, I do NOT miss going through yearly reviews! I would get so very nervous everytime. And I always did great, but I just hated them. Now they have software to help do them, such as 360 degree evaluation . I don't know if I like this idea or not, but I guess their could be some advantages to it, but it seems really impersonal.

Sweet Babies

Seems that lately I've been seeing a lot of tiny little new babies around. I miss those days cuddling with a sweet new baby! My youngest is 6 now and in first grade, my how time flies. Don't get me wrong, I am certainly happy to be done with that phase! I don't miss the baby gear that needs to be lugged around, the baby sling and the baby ON me all the time, the diapers, etc.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

So I'm back!

Did you miss me? It's been just an insane few weeks here, and I'm finally back. My middle daughter Shannon fell off the monkey bars two weeks ago and broke her arm. It's was just a small buckle/greenstick fracture thankfully, could have been much worse, but it is her right hand, which has made writing difficult.

Then my oldest is struggling in school again. Trying to figure that out has been very stressful to say the least. We have a conference scheduled this week to address that and I am so nervous about it! On top of that, she has been playing volleyball for school, and she has practises or games everyday of the week except the weekend, so we are spending a lot of time in the car running to pick her up or watch the games.

THEN, my darling husband, seems to be hitting his midlife crisis a few months early (he turns 40 next March) and decided that he must acquire a motorcycle, something I absolutely loathe the idea of. He spent most of this weekend at a beginners training class to learn all the rules of the road, etc. Blah. He's trying to convince me it will save money in the long run because now I can drive his New Beetle instead of my Suburban, which will save on gas. Yeah, um, HELLO? We live near Seattle and it's October, the rainy season has JUST begun!!! Plus, it was my turn to get the next new vehicle, my Burb is 10 yrs old! I guess because he just got a really nice promotion/raise, he's feeling he deserves a treat or something, and yeah, I get that....but I so would have preferred a nice vacation somewhere or something. Oh well. There's a peek into my life as of late.

budgets smudgets

I wish there was some kind of financial reporting software that eliminated the need for us to keep track of our budget. Something that would be tied to our debit cards, and let us know what was left in each budget category right there on the spot. OK, yes, I would probably hate it, but I hate trying to stay on budget too. Just seems like a menial task that only serves to remind me that there is NEVER enough money, so I'm supposed to just accept that and deal with it. Hmmmm...I just remembered, I have a lottery ticket I haven't checked on yet from the other night. Gotta run!

Hmmm...I think I struggled with this one before?

Maybe not, but I could have sworn I had an assignment with colon cleanse as the subject before. I think I snuck it in a "To do" list post because I was stumped on what to write about. Oh well. It does not sound like a pleasant thing to subject oneself too, however, I suppose if it is via Dr's orders, very well then.