Thursday, October 25, 2007

Gotta get this body moving

I feel fat. I need to move. The one thing about our house I hate is that I cannot walk out the front door and walk around the block. We live on a very short street that is at the top of a very very very steep hill. I would have to walk the length of the street back and forth about 15 times to get even a very little workout. And the hill is just way to steep. I seriously have to take two or three breaks on the very very rare occasion that I do have to walk it. So I have decided my next major purchase after the dining room furniture, will be some exercise equipment. Yes, I will be among the crowds probably right after New Years, looking for a deal on a treadmill or some such beast. The next task, is to figure out where I can put such said beast, where I'll actually use it and not have it become a clothes hanger. Pffft.....