Saturday, September 22, 2007

We need a new PC, or three.

The girls are getting older, and fighting over the one they have. And it's old, and doesn't even run a lot of the stuff they want to use on it, so I fear it is time. And we have to buy pc here, no other computer will do in my husband's eyes, and I fear I would be lost on anything that is not a pc. And not only do we need to replace the ancient computer, but getting one each for the girls would be ideal, but not likely to happen anytime soon. Hearing them fight over it, is just mind numbing, so yes, one a piece would just do us fine.

What I need is a windfall, actually, because I wouldn't mind a new one myself as well. So there you go. Four should do. Now I just need to find some outrageous pc deals AND win the lottery, and we should be good to go.

How could I forgot to mention this!

How could I have forgotten earlier to mention the REASON we left and had a nice Saturday out?

Here it is: Something has died in one of our heating vents. Yep. And the stench is just foul. I put the heat on for the first time Thursday morning for about an hour. That night, after watching Survivor, I went up to bed and when I opened the bedroom door I didn't notice it. But when I walked across the room and set the laundry basket down on the bench, right next to the heating vent, the smell was just awful! We opened the windows, put on a fan, put my incense ring on and buried ourselves under the covers.

Then yesterday, my husband took out his shop vac and attempted to use it in the vent, but no luck. Then last night at dinner time, I noticed the stench was now in the kitchen. So out came the shop vac again to hit the vents in there, no luck again. This morning, it was so bad, we just had to leave. We left all the windows open and when we came home late in the day, it was much better, but we know it's probably not gone, and will be back in the morning.

So the questions is, what do we do? My only thought is to call those places that clean out all the ductwork in the house, but we don't have the money to do that, and we don't want all the ducts done, just the line that goes through the kitchen and up the wall to our bedroom above. Will they do that? If we just ignore it, how long until the smell passes?

The Real World

I think I've posted before about how sad I find all these stories of celebrities going to rehabs. It's hard to fathom what their lives must be like, but I certainly can think of so many things I'd rather be doing with my life, than boozing up and doing drugs. It's just so sad and such a waist. I think a lot of them don't really know what they are getting into when they start, and just don't know how to find their way back to the real world on their own. It's a shame really. I hope they find their way in the end.

A nice Saturday today

I really enjoyed today. We had no plans really, other than one of the girls going to a birthday party for the afternoon. So the husband and my other two girls and I went out and about. We strolled through one of our favorite little towns that has a bunch of antique shops and such, and had lunch at the bakery. On the way home, the husband wanted to stop and look at his latest obsession, a Yamaha cruiser bike. .....yawn. He saw it at the fair last month and has been lusting after it ever since. I think because he's hitting the big 4-0 next year, he's getting that mid-life crisis itch or something. Oh well. Also want to give a little mention to this Dodge Charger accessory thing, so I can wrap up another assignment.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Dreaming big

If you are one of the lucky ones who is able to build out your own personal movie room, check out this site for some discount home theater seating choices. We have an unfinished basement that we dream about finishing off as a media room. But alas, not a top priority. Sure would be nice to send the kids down there with all their popcorn! Can you tell I'm tired of vacuuming up popcorn kernals in the family room? Ah well, maybe one day!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hosting during the Holidays

So we are hosting Christmas dinner at our house this year, yet we don't have a dining room table! I would really like to get the dining room done before the big day. I need to find the furniture and maybe some home lighting to make the room feel perfect. Perhaps some drapes as well to cover the french doors and make it feel cozy. Not quite sure how I'm going to pay for it all....but a girl can dream, right? Maybe my Ebay sales will be good to me this month. So far they are doing ok, but could be better. Guess we'll just have to wait and see!

Itching to get crafty

Well yesterday the rain started here, and it truly feels like fall. I've been having the itch to get out my scrapbooking stuff and hunker down in my sweats and be crafty. I mostly enjoy just plain old scrapbooking, but sometimes I like to make cards, like baby and graduation announcements. Christmas cards are fun to do, but I find I'm so busy at that time of year, I have all these great ideas for them but they just never get done! I guess I need to start going through all my summer pictures and get them printed out. Maybe after this eBay crunch for the big September Sale, I can squeeze in some crafty time in October!

And another week goes by...

Hard to believe it's been a week since I posted! We had I think what might be, our last burst of summer weather for most of it, and I was working on the deck for a lot of it. I also got a bunch of listings up on Ebay, so I have been super busy as usual.

Today marks the first sick day in our house. My middle daughter has come down with a nasty croupy like cough so I kept her home. Isn't it typical though, exactly 2 weeks ago school started, and here we go with the colds! I'm starting my Coldeze today to help ward off anything!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Fun site!

I found a new site called Quibblo. It is a user generated site that lets you take online quizzes, survey's or poll's, or you can create your own! You can then also put them on your blog or website. You can also take a personality test and ad a personality badge to your site. Have fun checking it out!

This week has been super productive

I feel like I am making a lot of progress on all my things on my to do lists! Yesterday I started painting the back deck and have it about half way done. I also got a batch of new Ebay listings done that I launched this morning. Taking a break from the deck work today to get some more work done on my Ebay listings. I've taken almost 100 pics this morning and I'm working on editing them now. Hoping to get another batch of listings ready for tonight, but the late afternoon/evening is kind of crazy. After my younger kids get home, we have to run down to the middle school (30 minutes away - ONE WAY!) to pick up my oldest from volleyball practice. Then run home and get a quick dinner before I head into curriculum night for my 3rd grader. I'm already missing the lazy days of summer!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

What a beautiful weekend

I hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend as much as we have. The weather here is absolutely perfect, clear blue skies, high 70's, no humidity. These are the type of days I love for! But fall is in the air, the leaves are just starting to change around here!

Yesterday I worked all day sanding the remainder of our back deck. Every muscle in my upper body just HURTS today. But that deck is done, and I plan on priming tomorrow and painting on Tuesday. It's supposed to be in the low to mid 80's, so the weather will be perfect!

Trying to catch up on my blogging assignments while I'm online, and just not sure how to go about this protective underwear I'm just sticking it in here to get it done! I've been so busy with the kids back to school, the deck project amd trying to get as much stuff listed on Ebay as possible this month due to their sale, I haven't had a lot of time to check on Payperpost lately for new assignments, so I've at least got to get my PayU2blog one's done.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Thursday to do list

I started out with high hopes of being really really productive today, but I need a kick in the butt! So I'm typing out my to do list in hopes of getting myself motivated.

1. Finish eating lunch while typing this list
2. Take as many photos for Ebay listings as my back will allow (it's very sore today :-( )
3. Edit and upload photo's
4. Pick up little ones off bus, drive down to middle school to pick up eldest after practice
5. Get home and make dinner
6. Check homework/backpacks
7. Tidy up downstairs after the evening chaos and get girls to bed
8. Relist unsold auctions and start listing new ones
9. Type up assignment for Payu2blog for colon cleanse ???

OK, one item done, maybe I can finish eating my lunch now and move on down the list. ;-)

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Botox is not just for wrinkles

It's amazing what medical science can do today. Most people think botox is just for reducing wrinkles. My Uncle has a wierd ailment where he loses his voice if he is sick, stressed or tired, and they inject his voicebox with botox and his voice comes back. Apparantly you can also use Botox for headaches now too. I wonder what is next?

Advertise your business or blog

One cool way to advertise your small business or your blog even, it to get some cheap advertising pens and pass them around! You can even just leave them around at convenient locations such as the bank or post office. People are always looking for pens, and what a more convenient way to advertise than to have your name right there when they find one?

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

First day of school and all is quiet!

And it's so peaceful here! But not for long. The clock is ticking and my oldest will be home in less than an hour. I was not as productive today as I wanted to be, but I was just totally enjoying the peace and quiet. I did get the playroom straightened up and went through my overflowing inbox and cleaned that up. Also straightened up my office a little bit but it still needs more work. Hopefully tomorrow will be a more productive day!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Are you stressed?

If so, one way your body shows stress is by grinding your teeth at night. I had this pretty bad in middle school. In fact, it was so bad, I shredded my nightguard at one point, which left my mouth pretty cut up as a result. NOT fun. Today, they have softer, rubbery nightguards for this though, which is way better than what mine was back in the day when they were still a hard plastic. If you think you have a problem with this and may need to be checked out for a Night Guard, TMJ, Bruxism, Tooth Grinding, NightGuard, be sure to check with your dental professional. Anything is better than having your jaw locked in one place and in pain. Stress sucks, and it's so weird how our bodies all react to it differently.

School starts tomorrow!

Can I get a WHOO HOO!?! Just tucked in the girls after going over the bus schedules, double checking the backpacks have all the school supplies, and putting out their first day of school outfits. We had a great summer, but this mom is ready!

My "To Do" list is pretty long, but I'll be starting with finishing the deck refinishing project we got under way yesterday, as well as trying to get some more stuff listed on Ebay during this month long sale they are having for September. I really want to clear a bunch of stuff out of here. I also want to start walking more, and go check out the new YMCA that just opened near me. They apparently have an indoor pool with water slides and all. I have always loved swimming and I'm sure the kids would enjoy the slides, never mind the gym and other activities they offer. Just have to decide if we can afford the extra monthly cost or if we have to wait to do it.

Well I'll wrap it up here, got to get to bed early as I imagine the early morning routine will be tough for the next couple of days.