Saturday, April 28, 2007

Busy Busy Busy!

It has been far too long away from the Blogosphere. Life just got in the way! Too many things going on at once, and the days are just too short to squeeze everything in, so somethings gotta give!

I've been frantically trying to pick up the pace with my Ebay store in the last month or so. April through June in the past have been my slowest months, so trying to squeeze as much out of the spring/summer selling season as I could before things come to a crawl for awhile. If you are in a shopping mood, please feel free to check out my store. If you find something you like, please remember to sign up for the online shopping rewards site Bigcrumbs prior to placing a bid or making a purchase and you can earn cashback!

The kids had spring break two weeks ago but we just hung out at home and tried to catch up on things needing to be done around here. We had an Emergency Room visit last Monday for one of the girls with a chunk of a finger getting sliced fun! My mom and stepdad flew in for a visit. So it's just been crazy busy as usual.