Sunday, August 12, 2007

Growing up is hard to do

My oldest daughter just turned 12 last month, and today she went to a birthday party she was invited too. She was very nervous about going. The girl who invited her, Emily knows her from them being on the same bus home from school, and they have become friendly over the last year. Emily had invited her to her birthday last month and all went well. But today, is the other girl's birthday, and Em was sooooo nervous go. Apparantly, this other girl is quite popular in school, so all the "popular kids" were going to be there. It was supposed to be a rather large pool party with a lot of kids. Emily has always been a bit shy, and has her one Best Friend Forever since kindergarten, who was not invited. I told her to look at this as an oppurtunity to make new friends, and to just have a good time. We pick her up in about half an hour, so we shall soon see how it went!