Friday, August 10, 2007

TGIF! And NO weekend plans!!

I love weekends like this! Acutally, it is my youngest daughter's birthday on Monday, but she only wanted two friends to come over, and they are both out of town this weekend, so we will be doing something fun as a family. I think she wanted to see a movie or go to the aquarium. I'm also hoping to escape the family this evening or tomorrow and finish up her birthday shopping. She is turning 6 so I of course got her a Webkinz, (see my previous thread here if you don't know what they are!) and she wants monkey bars added to their swingset. I found some at Home Depot that come as a kit, but the store I was at, all the boxes were open, so I need to try and find a set at a different store. I will probably also get her some arts & crafts stuff, as her and my middle daughter are big into that right now also. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!