Sunday, August 19, 2007

Rainy Sunday

Wow! Did it rain today! It's chilly too, only in the 60's. Perfect day for sleeping in, which is what we did today. We then went out to IHOP for brunch and hit the Half Price bookstore to turn in some books and pick up some new ones for the kiddos. Then we hit the British Shop for some tasty pastries for dinner. The kids got sausage rolls, husband got beef & onion pie and pork pies and I got some spinach quiche. Yummy!

Just a lazy day here, fully enjoying our last veg weekend at home before school starts. The next two weekends will by super busy, and we only have 16 days until school starts! Whooo hoooo! My younger two found out their teachers on Friday and were quite happy with them. My oldest we have to register I think on Friday and get her class schedule. This mommy is getting quite excited for school to start......can you tell?!?