Sunday, September 9, 2007

What a beautiful weekend

I hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend as much as we have. The weather here is absolutely perfect, clear blue skies, high 70's, no humidity. These are the type of days I love for! But fall is in the air, the leaves are just starting to change around here!

Yesterday I worked all day sanding the remainder of our back deck. Every muscle in my upper body just HURTS today. But that deck is done, and I plan on priming tomorrow and painting on Tuesday. It's supposed to be in the low to mid 80's, so the weather will be perfect!

Trying to catch up on my blogging assignments while I'm online, and just not sure how to go about this protective underwear I'm just sticking it in here to get it done! I've been so busy with the kids back to school, the deck project amd trying to get as much stuff listed on Ebay as possible this month due to their sale, I haven't had a lot of time to check on Payperpost lately for new assignments, so I've at least got to get my PayU2blog one's done.