Saturday, September 22, 2007

How could I forgot to mention this!

How could I have forgotten earlier to mention the REASON we left and had a nice Saturday out?

Here it is: Something has died in one of our heating vents. Yep. And the stench is just foul. I put the heat on for the first time Thursday morning for about an hour. That night, after watching Survivor, I went up to bed and when I opened the bedroom door I didn't notice it. But when I walked across the room and set the laundry basket down on the bench, right next to the heating vent, the smell was just awful! We opened the windows, put on a fan, put my incense ring on and buried ourselves under the covers.

Then yesterday, my husband took out his shop vac and attempted to use it in the vent, but no luck. Then last night at dinner time, I noticed the stench was now in the kitchen. So out came the shop vac again to hit the vents in there, no luck again. This morning, it was so bad, we just had to leave. We left all the windows open and when we came home late in the day, it was much better, but we know it's probably not gone, and will be back in the morning.

So the questions is, what do we do? My only thought is to call those places that clean out all the ductwork in the house, but we don't have the money to do that, and we don't want all the ducts done, just the line that goes through the kitchen and up the wall to our bedroom above. Will they do that? If we just ignore it, how long until the smell passes?


MyStarbucks said...

Yes, it sounds like you will have to have someone come out and suck the daylights out of those vents. We had that done once and some of my daughters clothing came out. Go figure....