Saturday, September 22, 2007

We need a new PC, or three.

The girls are getting older, and fighting over the one they have. And it's old, and doesn't even run a lot of the stuff they want to use on it, so I fear it is time. And we have to buy pc here, no other computer will do in my husband's eyes, and I fear I would be lost on anything that is not a pc. And not only do we need to replace the ancient computer, but getting one each for the girls would be ideal, but not likely to happen anytime soon. Hearing them fight over it, is just mind numbing, so yes, one a piece would just do us fine.

What I need is a windfall, actually, because I wouldn't mind a new one myself as well. So there you go. Four should do. Now I just need to find some outrageous pc deals AND win the lottery, and we should be good to go.


MyStarbucks said...

I so totally hear you. I have been dying to invest in a MAC to the tune of $3000. I guess I will be waiting to win the lottery as well.