Thursday, June 14, 2007

Did you ever wish you went a different direction with your career?

I went to college for architecture. Yes, the old fashioned kind, that designs buildings. I find it kind of funny that today, there are probably more architects around doing software design than the REAL kind. I worked doing commercial tenant improvements for almost six years before staying home with my kids. Unfortunately, I got so burnt out in the field while working, I don't think I'll ever go back. Too much pressure to meet deadlines, long hours and not so great pay, unless you own your own firm I guess. I've always been interested in real estate though, and wondered if being a realtor or real estate broker might be more my cup of tea. I love looking at houses, snooping around to see what's for sale in the area. Maybe one day, when the kids are older and on their own. I think it would take up too much of my family time now to go that route. How about you, have you got a second career goal outside of the blogosphere?


Michelle Gartner said...

Your new wordpress site looks great! I like my wordpress blog a lot better then the blogger blogs. Shhh- did I say that, I am posting on Google right now as we speak. This is my wordpress driven website - much better then the blogger one I think. I'm an accountant- at least that's what my degree says, but I am more into my creative side then my analytical. There are days when I am writing children's fiction that I wish I had gone a diferent direction in college. But I use the accounting so much in the 2 businesses I own- so I can't complain free accounting! I think we are always changing, so that a career choice that looks good in our 20's might not sound as good in our 30's 40's our beyond.