Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Vacation Honey-Do lists and a Picket Fence

My husband had last week off and we have been extremely busy catching up on the yard work, celebrating our 15 yr wedding anniversary and we even squeezed in a camping trip over Memorial Day weekend. The weather was absolutely perfect for being outside. We have had a two week period of summer move in with temps in the 80's and lots and lots of sun. We are still getting over sunburns and achy muscles! Now our regular Seattle weather has moved back in and it is drizzly and near 60.

The fence was the major project for the week, but Hubby also tilled all the beds for me, put up the 15' x 42" Intex pool, and built a shade cover over the chicken pen. I got the vegie gardens going and I started planting a new flower bed in the back yard and got all my larger pots planted in the front.

I feel like we were extremely productive, hubby had quite an extensive "Honey-Do" list, and made great progress, and now it is time for us both to get back to our realities!