Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Closet cabinet storage - Who doesn't need more?

Our garage right now is just nasty. It really needs to be cleaned out. We need to make at least one trip to the dump, maybe two. It's to the point that the floor just has a ton of junk on it, like dirt and straw and it's tracking into the house! I think after we go camping next weekend we might have to tackle that project and get it done before summer is over. I would love to have a closet cabinet for our camping gear, as well as for the gardening junk out there. I'd love a shoe system that works too while we are at it. I put shoe shelves out there, but for some reason the shoes end up in piles on the floor anyway, causing us all to trip over them all the time. Maybe I should just sign up for Clean Sweep! LOL! Ok, it's not THAT bad.