Monday, July 9, 2007

My earnings are up!

Just a brief little update about my blogging earnings.....they are up this month! So far, I've earned over $75 using Payperpost, and another $45 using PayU2blog. I still have some pending assignments from PayU2blog, so that will add another $10 to that total just this week. All of these sponsored posts have been only on this blog, but I am hoping by end of this week, to add all my other blogs to both sites, and I hope that they will be accepted. Then I can spread out the sponsored posts a bit more, not have them all lumped into one blog. Hopefully by doing this though, I'll also be able to take on a few more assignments, thereby increasing my income yet again.

My Pay to Click Sites blog has also been picking up a few referrals here and there, so hoping they are active ones. These sites don't really pay much, but of course, the more referrals you have, the more you can make.

I was also pleased to see my Agloco referrals are up a bit also. For the longest time, I only had 2 direct referrals and 2 more in my downline for a total of 4 referrals. I'm now up to 4 direct and 8 in my downline. Check out the Agloco blog post about how they expect to pay members for simply surfing the web.

My Bigcrumbs referrals have also been growing, 30 direct referrals, and 302 in my downline, with my first person in my 7th generation! It's been really cool to see this grow. I only joined last November, and had a lot less referrals back then. I still cleared $80 plus dollars from Christmas shoppers who shopped through the site in December, I'm really anxious to see how I do this holiday season and in the coming months. The payouts the last few months have been low, but this was expected as the last few months are not typically great for retailers. With Back to School shopping right around the corner, I'm hoping for the payouts to start increasing and only continue to go up until next spring when I expect they will decline again.

Please be sure to check out my new blog at I'm hoping to be posting much less on this blog in the coming weeks.