Wednesday, July 18, 2007

New car dreams

I am lusting after a new vehicle in the worst way! My current car is a 10 yr old Chevy Suburban, and it has been a great vehicle for us to this point, except for it's gas guzzling nature. We have three kids and two large dogs, and I am torn about what to get next. I want something that gets more gas mileage, something that can fit 3 kids comfortably withouth the "she's touching at me" or "she's looking at me" that a smaller 5 seater type vehicle would cause. So I'm inclined to keep the 7 seat minimum capacity, but I don't want a mini-van. We also have a pop-up trailer and need something that can tow it as it's a pretty big one and a lot of the minivans can't haul it if you go by their guidelines. I'm torn though, because I would also love a truck but I think the kids would be too squished. We have two acres, raise chickens, love gardening, and it would be so much easier to be able to have a truck with a nice truck bed liner I could just hose down after picking up straw or bark chips and that type of thing. Right now those types of things leave the back of my Burb' a mess. Any suggestions?